Most of our short-term sites are located on the waterfront and all of our short-term waterfront sites have with 50/30/20 electric and water hook up available.

Month-long term sites have 50/30 electric and water hook up included in the monthly rent.


Short Term non-waterfront E/W- 28.62 per night
Short Term waterfront E/W- 33.93 per night
Short Term primitive- 21.20 per night

Long Term campsite- 450.00 per month

(2 month minimum)

Extra Vehicle in Campground- 7.42 per day
Extra Vehicle Annual (L T only)- 74.20 per year
Boat Slip Daily (campers only)- 8.00 per day
Boat Slip Monthly (campers only)- 95.00 per month
(2 month minimum)

Day Use-up to 5 passengers- 7.35 per day
Day Use-Annual Season Pass-  73.50 per season

Honey Wagon- 12.72



Coachman 30 ft (sleeps 4) — $80.00 + site + tax per day

Puma II 30 ft (sleeps 6) — $100.00 + site + tax per day

Springdale 30 ft (sleeps 6) — $80.00 + site + tax per day

Wildcat 30 ft (sleeps 6) — $100.00 + site + tax per day

Wildwood II 36ft  — $100 + site + tax per day

Minimum 3 day rental, all rentals subject to sales tax

Some dishes, utensils & cookware are provided

Please call 256-582-9884 for more information. Campground site map here



Rescheduling:     The site may be rescheduled if canceled within 24 hours, less than 24 hours results in forfeiture of one night. A reschedule must be used within the current year. There is no penalty for the first reschedule, each subsequent reschedule would result in forfeiture of one night of camping.

Refunds: Refunds are submitted by a manager for personal emergencies only. No refunds are issued due to weather, late arrivals, early departures or no shows. All refunds include a cancellation fee of $10 less the non-refundable $5 reservation fee and may include forfeiture of one night.

Long Term Camping Refund:   Refunds are submitted by a manager for personal emergencies only. The minimum forfeiture is one week of camping, plus if applicable, the addition of any tax owed less any discount given.

RV’s: Because RV Rentals are reserved with the Campsite, the same reschedule & refund policy applies for RV’s. An additional $25 cancellation fee will be applied if a refund request is submitted.

Powered Watercraft: Watercraft rentals may be rescheduled due to inclement weather and must be used within the year. No refunds are issued due to weather. Refunds are submitted by a manager for personal emergencies only. All refund requests will include a $50 cancellation fee.